I'm not real, I'm theatre

Hi everyone! Last week I went to the theatre!!  The fancy old-school theatre!! The one with stage, live actors and final applause... The play was the Ubu roi, or King Ubu.

When I was living in Bologna one of my roommates gave me a copy of the 'Ubu roi' by Alfred Jarry, and explained me something about Pataphysics, which is the science of imaginary solutions. According to this theory also the calendar shouldn't be as we commonly know it, so we decided to adopt this 'pataphysical year' in our flat. My birthday instead of October 23 was on Ha Ha 18th (wikipedia can help you out if you want to know more about all this fun stuff)

The theatre was in the same building of one of the newest and most famous modern art museums of the north of Italy. Fun fact: the diameter of the glass ceiling measures the same as the Pantheon in Rome.

It was super crowded so I could only sneak out my phone for a quick pic at the end of the play. Three minutes before this moment the stage was full of men dressed up some as unlikely women, some as Kubrick tributes, as bears, strange creatures...

I'm still not sure of what all that was about *other than a Macbeth parody* but I really enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend it to people who are easily amused and used to the most weird thoughts. 

Check out this short promo video and you'll know what I mean.


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