Be the happiest star #3 Explore!

If things aren't going exactly well at home, or at work/school, why don't you step outside and explore?

Everyone knows I'm not a huge fan of the outdoors but sometimes it is worth it! Especially when this time of the year comes, and you cannot be bothered studying anymore, you just wish school was over but you have that last test to take. That's what I was going through last year when a high school classmate called me and invited me for a walk... And i thought "Yes! Anything but books!"

There is this swamp natural forgotten lake in a small valley not far from my town, I've always known it was there but I had no idea it was this interesting, especially on a sunny day. The reflection of the trees in the water in real life was striking! I simply never thought it was safe to walk there... Turns out I was very wrong!

In the picture you can still see how Luke wasn't amused by my clumsiness 'walking' down slopes and dealing with nature in general haha. 

Even if this happened last year, the fact that fresh air is excellent to clear your mind doesn't change. When things are not looking good and you are stressed about something, stroll about wherever your feet take you, or literally explore some place you have never visited. You might be surprised and think more clearly afterwards.

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