Be the happiest star #2 Singing out loud!

I was driving home today and had my iPod connected, as usual, and I heard a song...don't worry! I am not going to name you my 'top 10 favourite songs' so stay with me. I just thought I might share with you the reason why a good song can improve your mood.

If I've learned anything during this amazing experience that is life, is that I should not sing in public. Of course it took an awful out-of-tune out-of-rhythm out-of-everything karaoke performance while attempting to sing 'Smooth criminal' to understand this important life-lesson. But being unable to sing does not mean I don't enjoy the virtuosity of voice-guitar in the privacy of my car.
For those who don't know, voice-guitar is like air-guitar but without the danger of leaving the steering wheel control, you basically just sing the guitar part which is the only thing I can sing of some German metal songs.

It doesn't matter if you can't sing! You can and should sing out loud in your car, in the shower, in the elevator, or on ___'s Got Talent, if that makes you happy.
It's not only funny but it also helps to pause our continuous self-judgment sense, you know that little voice in our head that keeps saying:

"Are you seriously tying your hair up and pretend it's not 3rd day hair?" 
or "You don't want to eat a donut, fake you're not hungry and have a latte instead."

So, with the help of one of my favourite youtubers (grav3yardgirl), here's what I mean

Car scenario:
*cool song comes up*

*voice in your head* 
"People will think you are crazy and you better not do it!"

*music plays* "COME ON BABY LIGHT MY FIRE!!"

*sassy shoulder dance*

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