Be the happiest star #1 Let's start with a picture!

I've seen so many #100happydayschallenge around recently, and endless lists of "How to be happy"... Surely a "Huge Sephora haul" or "Shoe unboxing" could make anyone happy but it's only a small step. I think, in order to know how to reach happiness, one should know what it feels like to be happy. And the best way to discover this is to think about all those little things in our everyday life that make us feel positive and alive

In the next months I will show you some of the many shades of happiness. Hopefully you will agree with me, share your experience and thoughts and, why not, try something different in your daily routine :)

What's a better start than calling a friend over on a sunny day with the idea of taking a special picture for a project.

Lucky stars *check*, glass jar *check*, cute ribbon and background *check and check*, title? Not found!
Luckily Martina is not only my favourite *and official!* photographer but she understands my ideas and could help me come up with the title for this series of posts. It's of course inspired by David Bowie's "The prettiest star" and you know how much I adore him <3

After moving the jar left and right a couple of times, dropping some stars, replacing them with different colour ones, moving them around some more, we got the right shot. I left the editing to her, because we all need a little photoshop in our blogs, and we could dedicate some quality time to girly chit-chats sitting in the garden under a pale but warm spring sun.

A couple of days later I found other two pics in my e-mail taken by her on that very same day, and I'm glad that she found it such a cool thing to see that she wanted to take a picture and share it with me. You may think flowers look the same everywhere, but I think they look a lot prettier when there's a story behind a shot.

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