Don't be deceived by the title, I am not a gamer if we don't count The Sims 

I don't know if it's just me, but I've always kept all my make-up in my bathroom. It was only after moving a couple of times and changing my daily routine that I realised how much of a bad idea that was. I figured that now I could use some of my free time to reorganise my makeup in an actual battle-station in my bedroom. 

Here's a picture of my desk before the makeover.

Once I got a laptop I stopped using my PC so that desk became a surface where to put things that didn't have a place... Or stuff that should not have been hanging around in the first place. Things have been accumulating all through high school and the first years of uni, as you may notice from the disposable camera pictures *oh so vintage!*

This is how it looks like now... I'm too attached to some things to put them away, but it is definitely less chaotic, isn't it?

"My battlestation is proper mint like!"

The things I love the most are the glass jar for my brushes which have patisserie tags on them and that mint cupcake on the right with all the different sized cups inside, it turned out to be super useful and also a perfect match with the table cover.

This was so liberating and satisfying! I may have developed a slight OCD since I started uni but up till now I've only re-organised cupboards/wardrobes, never a room... because yes, my whole room has changed! But I'll write a different post to talk about that.

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