A day in pictures: my graduation day

It's hard to describe the anticipation, the stress, the relief, the laughter, and the exhaustion of a day such as my graduation day in Bologna (Italy)! If this one was my 'Second to last' post univ-related, now it's time for the real deal, for what I've been working on since october: this is the end!
The title of my thesis (183 pages) was Personal Beauty and *spoiler alert!* I majored in Aesthetic Philosophy, summa cum laude

My 27th of March (2014) in pictures:

There is only one word that can describe my first thought in the morning:
= All right, let's do this! in Japanese

The preparation was the only relaxing moment of the day...


Outfit shot

The wait was literally killing me, I couldn't stop revising and my heels started hurting after two hours of waiting.


Thankfully my family was there trying to calm me down and giving me dark chocolate for mood and energy.

Then it was my turn for the presentation/examination of my thesis in front of all my professors. My mother managed to take a sneaky picture.

A quick change of shoes in the hallway and off we go singing "DOTTORE DOTTORE!"

With family and friends we all went to this super fancy bar for a dessert-lunch because I've always wanted to try those cake design creations. Mine was called "Sleeping Aurora" and it was chocolate mousse with a raspberry heart.

We also take this awesome 'Last supper' shot!

Excuse the derpiness but I can't fake behaviour when I'm unwrapping the best presents ever!

 My friends know me too well!! And they also know what I would never wear, unfortunately they came organised.

Touch the hunchback for some good luck!

But it's ok because in Bologna: graduation = dressing up, I even met Smurfette and the Blue fairy with all their friends!

Tumblr fandom time!!
About this I can only say: Nicki minaj, Jessica Fletcher, kawaii nails. So I better move on...

It's tradition for friends to write a  'papyrus' which is a long poem about the new doctor's life with jokes and epic episodes. It was all rhyming and every time I misread a word I had to drink some of that wine... 


Meet strange people and, obviously, dance with them under the porch. The wine was possibly involved

More interesting games... That I probably should not talk about either since they involved knowing the specific name of the most crazy fetishes.

I ran after casually met the asian Joseph Gordon-Levitt!! I could hardly control myself.

The typical italian afternoon: carbs, architecture, and happy hour.

After a chinotto and a cheeky striptease to get those clothes off me, it was time to go home. Yes I did sleep in the car.

A perfumed bath and bed time. 

PS: If you are a talent scout don't hesitate to contact me and ask about the people shown in the pictures. They will gladly be the new face of De Beers or Chanel.

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