Suffragette city

Is it just me, or this year the official "women's day" was taken in a more critical, cynical and overall bitter way? It seemed to me that every girl/woman I heard was complaining about how one day doesn't change anything, or how it shouldn't be celebrated at all. 

I personally agree that significant days in history should be remembered for the change they brought but I'm not too fond of the whole marketing twist added to them. 

There should me a deeper meaning to a day than "giving them those smelly yellow flowers" as if that's the only thing men can do. Men can understand that it's not about 'women' but it's about them too. Those 'women' could be their sisters, daughters, wives, or mothers. Women are not some kind of completely separated entity compared to men. 

Isn't "women's day" implying a success for society as a whole, after all?

*End of this semi-serious reflection*

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