How to experiment with pastel colours in your wardrobe

I'm here to talk about spring looks *aka pastel outfits*! From the love that those shots get I'm assuming we all like a good coord but how are these relatable to our wardrobe/comfort zone?

This is a perfect idea for another experiment!! 

I do like pastels, wedges, tank tops, and shorts, so it shouldn't be hard to replicate some outfits, right? WRONG! I don't wear pastels only, probably because of my goffic background, so I tried to mantain the concept but with my own style.
I'm pretty satisfied and I think I would actually wear my creation, maybe with a black leather jacket to add more darkness to it... I wouldn't have paired that tank top with those shorts to be honest, but the whole thing does look nice. 

And don't say that using black is a 'fashion cheat' because using all pastels is just as unfair as posting a cute kitty video!! haha

Maybe it's true that you should take a picture of your outfits instead of just looking at the mirror or imaging them to decide what to wear! Has it ever happened to you? The typical "I have nothing to wear" crisis and then a friend picks out a couple of items that you never wore together but that work great? 

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