How to rock a crazy nail art made in Japan

This week's topic would make such a great "Throw back thursday" kind of post, but I'm not even posting on Thor's day so I'm gonna add some background story and spin-offs so that it looks like I've been planning this post for a while.

Some of you probably don't know I used to follow japanese fashion, well, not all of it, just a specific kind called lolita, and no, it's not like the book/movie.  But this is not the right moment to discuss about that.

This style focuses a lot on details, good matching skills, creativity,... it's definitely something only perfectionists can do really well! And some get to pro level by matching even their nails to the print they're wearing.

Pics from Google, I'm pretty sure these are japanese nail-art skills

I found all this so amazing that I felt the need to do the same for a couple of my outfits too (this is the throw-back part!!). The nails in the first pic are fake nails that I decorated myself creating plastic clay roses, leaves, and ribbons that I'm quite proud of! and adding rhinestones. The white and red stripes instead are painted on my own nails and I also made the ring. In case you are wondering, yes I still have those skirts :)

I recently left the whole lolita scene, I've been too busy with uni and England to stay up to date with the latest print and the latest drama... 

But I still paint my nails, and usually my ring finger nail is a different colour. Girls keen on beauty might find it boring and overdone now, but all of the adult people I came across with never saw anything like that, and even during exams some professors asked me the meaning behind the different nailpolish. Cuz we're philosophers like that!! 
I like to say it's my little act of rebellion. It surely sounds better than "I couldnt pick only one nail polish" or "I wanted it to match my outfit".

Talking about matching... This is the nail art I came up with to 'accessorize' my red galaxy swimsuit *gotta love Black Milk!* and I'm so proud of it

Too much free time on my hands you say? More like free space! :P

PS: here's the link if you want to see the St.Valentine's secret present I chose for De Ornatu Mulierum!!

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