Let them eat cake

As surprising as it sounds, through all the years that I've been involved in the lolita community I've never been to any of the national (or international) tea-parties organised by the girls. Not that I didn't find them interesting or appealing, I mean, have you seen them? The 'high tea' concept is superb, and I like tea, and I love to dress up... It just never happened. 

Picture by Eri

Picture by Sybelle

Don't you just feel like you have to sit all nice and straight, wearing shiny shoes and lace gloves?? Well, not if you're a guy, I guess. Sipping your tea holding your pinkie straight out, and actually using little bites to eat even a normal biscuit, making it seem like you are not starving but only eating out of politeness.
And beware the table cloth stains! "Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow!"

Plus, for an Alice fan like myself, how not to feel a little bit like you are living in the novel/movie? Expecting a high mouse to pop out of a whistling teapot, a mad hatter to pour you half a cup of tea and spread butter on a pocket watch. 

*Imaginary scenario whenever I order tea in a bar*

*What it actually looks like*

Here's some more pictures from Pinterest and Tumblr, endless source of inspiration and daydreams

This is my not-so-secret dream. Keep the brioche, let me have a tea party!

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