St.Valentine's swap! Part 2

Hi, guess what day is it today? It's swap revealing day!! As you may know, I joined a St.Valentine's swap between bloggers *here's my entry post in case you missed it* and I wanted to show you guys what Hermosa, from De Ornatu Mulierum got me!!

It happened in two days, and I surely was not expecting a double present! Made me feel special :) This is what happened the first morning:

It was so cool to receive a nice package from Amazon! I knew I didn't order anything from that website in a while so could that have been The Present?? I opened it to see if there was a card inside and there it was! 
It says "For St.Valentine's day, a book about love and beauty (which are never separate after all). I really hope you will like it. Kisses, Hermosa."


On the second day I received another parcel from the same website, and also this time there was a card... It seemed more like a line from a poem, or a song... I have to admit I didn't know where it was from *and Hermosa told me not to google it! lol*

This time the card says: " 'I don't want you to change anything you do, I don't want you to be someone else for me. Stay as you are, the darkest star, shining for me majestically' This is something we deserve to hear the whole year ;) Hermosa."

And since I'm one of those people that can wait and actually plan to open presents on the exact celebration day, when possible, I waited for Hermosa to receive my parcel too before opening my presents... 

This is the first one! I can't deny I'm extremely fascinated by the asian minimalism of the cover!! I can't wait to start reading it. I needed some new books, maybe out of my 'comfort reading-zone'.

This cd, instead, was in the second parcel... How do I even explain... I've always liked them, I think the singer has an amazing charisma and I definitely like the typically 80s tracks just as much as the more 'dark' songs too! And even so, I never managed to get my paws on any of their cds. Until now! 

Thank you so much Hermosa!

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