My favourite book is Haunted

Is Barbs talking about a book that is not a university one? Well that's a first!

If you ask me which book is my absolute favourite one, I'd say it has to be Haunted, by Chuck Palahniuk (maybe he is better known for Fight Clubthx to Brad Pitt). But to be completely honest with you, I never re-read the books I loved. Why? Simply because I prefer to crystallize the memory of a great book, and fold the corners of the pages with awesome quotes like the ones you can find here.

*Quote from Haunted*

Palahniuk never fails to drag me into his very logical universe of craziness! Everything makes so much sense even when it comes to Hell viewed by a fat teenager that has to work in a call-centre for eternity with Hitler's mustache hooked on the belt to prove her power and finally get an answer from Satan. (Very basic plot of Damnation)

Or when writers go on a sort of bootcamp and end up abducted in an old theatre and it turns out they aren't even all writers but in a way they are creating the story of their own story... Dont worry I'm not telling you how Haunted ends!

*Quote from Haunted*

Haunted is full of these pearls of wisdom that at first look like some random contradictory concept put on paper but then you stop for a second and think about it... and it actually makes sense and it's like you've always thought this but never knew how to put it in words. This is the Palahniuk effect on me. 

*Quote from Haunted*

This book is a novel but written in a way such as the actual story is only the frame for al the characters to tell stories themselves. It's the perfect book to keep in your bag to read while on the bus or at starbucks because the stories aren't too long, just be careful because it's hard to stop reading once you start. You just have to know what's gonna happen next! And the ending is never what you expect.

*Quote from Haunted*

*Bonus pic: before reading vs after reading*

What are your favourite books? 

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