One resolution to rule them all

Hello everyone, I hope you all spent an exciting and sparkly new year's eve!! As for my friends and I, we went to a "dj party night" event in an historical austrian casino in my hometown that is now a fancy bar. It's the first time ever we did something like this for new year's eve! It was soooo nice, I haven't danced all night ever since I came back from England. I'd show you some pics but we haven't taken any. No joke. According to the internet our night never happened.

For the record, I totally did not google-pick this picture for Legolas' pretty face.

The obvious topic for this first post of 2014 is: new year's inspiration! It's not quite a resolution, as usual those would be the hardest to follow for a long period of time, just think of all the "I will join a gym" resolutions that never happened. An inspiration is more like an inclination you try to follow, a general mood that defines your overall attitude towards different circumstances. And in my case it would be Aragorn's quote at the end of The Fellowship Of The Ring: "Let's hunt some Orc".

Every year I try to stick to my new year's resolutions, and I've been doing it since I was 16ish, don't ask me what those past ones were because I can't remember any... I never really planned what the next resolution would be, usually it's just something that tickles my mind and it feels natural to follow. The other day I was watching The Lord Of The Rings on tv and when this scene came up I simply knew that was what I will be doing next year. Hunting orcs! Damn right!

Well obviously the orc figure is not literal, but 2014 it's the year where I will finally finish my studies so I will have to deal with the real world, CVs, job interviews, morning alarm, and all these nice grown-up things which I have basically never done.

In my head those thingies are pretty much orc-looking... And I, as Aragorn, will actually go hunting and put myself in those uncomfortable and new situations. It's time to fight, no more hiding behind a book. And to get used to the idea my everyday life will not be 'leisure time' anymore. Orcs. Orcs everywhere.

Fly you fools!

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