Pinterest-perfect examples of Christmas trees

Hi again, yes this is another post Christmas-related buuuuuut also this time it's a picture heavy post, all for your entertainment: Alternative Christmas trees!

I really enjoy seeing other people's decorated doors, trees and fireplaces, and so on but, during my existence, it occurred to me that Christmas trees maybe aren't for everyone. Especially not me, I thought I was the Grinch but it turned out I'm not. Anyway, we all imagine our tree too look something like this:

Some people, like Arianna and Roberto can win in life with such a perfect tree. But life isn't fair and sometimes you have to be creative and find some other way to get a tree. Stealing one is not an option. This is where you decide to go on Pinterest and look for 'Xmas trees' because, hey, Pinterest people are the artsy ones, they can turn a piece of wood into almost anything, let's see how they create Christmas trees.

Told you. From delightbydesign

If minimalism is what you're going for, this is for you. Advent calendar AND tree combined. From stylizimoblog

This is a typical example of the other side of Pinterest. The fancy one. From minted

This is a easier-said-than-done kind of tree. From familysponge

For people with balls. Or architects/engineers. From notmartha

If you are into to the arts and crafts but not-so-much, maybe this is a good solution. From almostmakesperfect

After these ideas you might realize you do not have spare branches around your house that you can chop, nor a whole white wall where a tree would look simply perfect. You are now back on facebook, or 9gag, and here's what you may find if you know someone in college.

This picture proves that Pinterest should not be allowed to common mortals. It does look festive tho.

Not sure if lame or genius.

Please note the ninja turtle detail on the top of the 'tree'.

My personal favourite. Simple and effective.

Kudos for the originality!

 I'm sorry but this one deserved a place in this post.


"What next?" you may wonder. Well well well, I surely won't leave out Tumblr, I just saved the best for last. Thank me later.

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