Italy: Christmas tree decorations

Believe it or not, I actually waited until December before posting this, because I know some of you (could it even be most of you?? D: ) do not get the Christmas hype at all, and surely not two months ahead! I used to be one of you, but I saw these in a shop when I went to Bologna to see my tutor for my thesis. I just could not resist the urge to take pics of the strange ornaments.

That day I had to take a 7am fancy train on which I couldn't even sleep because people kept making me move and change seat. I swear some people should drink less coffee and chill out more. Once I arrived to my professor's office I had a 15 minutes talk with him and that was it. Two hours on a train for 15 minutes of talk. Luckily some of my friends whom are still living in Bologna fed me and kept me company 'till I took the train home in the afternoon. My good old cheap slow train where no one ever bothers me <3

Anyway, here it is, from the same pastel shop of last spring, another post dedicated to a long series of pictures of strange things (i.e. xmas balls!) Wohooo!

I had to pretend I was actually interested in the items because I'm not too sure you were allowed to take pictures of the goods *cough cough*

The owl of Athena!!

I have a weird passion for the candy dispensers like those. 

A ball wearing a fabric Santa's hat. That was cute!

The cupcake display base was proper metal, it was pretty heavy!

Excuse the not-very-romantic price tag.

As much as I like cupcake shaped skirts, maybe these decorations are a bit too much. Even for me.

'Sup dawg, I heard you like Xmas trees...

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