Halloween outfit ideas

How was everyone's Halloween? Did you dress-up? Did you take pics with someone 'totally fetch'? 

As for me I celebrated my birthday joined with a friend's on the 26th and we decided to throw an early Halloween party + pub crawl*** with rules and punishments. All of our friends were there and all dressed up! We felt so special.

For that occasion I baked my seriously chocolatey cupcakes and showed up as a steampunk pirate because either was too mainstream but mixed was badass! And for Halloween I became my usual creepy zombie doll.

The colours look a bit off but I used red + burgundy eyes hadows and a berry coloured blush. Maybe this trick could be useful for some of you for a special occasion.

On the actual Halloween night, instead, I went to a pub with a friend because I heard a few punk bands were playing and I thought there should be some sort of night life there! We sat at a table alone and made friends with all the random people around us who got immaginary bonus points if dressed up! We ended up changing four or five companies through the whole night, it was pretty funny.

And for the occasion I literally wore the first dress I found in my wardrobe! Even the makeup was pretty simple: white foundation, heavy contouring and a few falsies. Someone even said there was a hint of geisha look because of the lips... I still don't know if it was a murdered girl, a zombie doll, a psycho killer qu'est que c'est.

No candy bag haul to show you guys because we don't do trick or treat... sadly.

***Fun fact: did you know that 'pub crawling' is a British slang and in the US it is called 'bar hopping'? I find it so unfitting. Les-b-honest, after a few drinks basically downed like that no one can simply hop to the next pub. Eventually everyone crawls!

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