England: strange fashion

Hello everyone, now that I'm back to my mountains I can do something not beach related such as updating my blog!!  Today's topic is: What The Fashion?! *i.e. Random things I saw in shops.* 

T-rex making beds and 'forever alone' dinosaurs may or may not be the funniest things I can think of. But it is not a good enough reason to put that on a t-shirt I guess.

In that shop there was a whole section only for hip flasks: for b-days, covered in glitter, with ironic phrases, crazy patterns... still pretty useful!!

No. No. No. Just no. Go away.

We like silly shades! And we like taking pics wearing them even more! Yes I'm aware it's something good just for a pic in the shop and even I would not wear them out... Don't worry. 

I dont know why... I'm confused... Poor Andy Warhol and poor Barbara Millicent Roberts.

If you are a geek, like to be comfy and have an insane passion for SpongeBob and debatable colors, then we can be friends!  

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