The survival of the Erasmus

What England taught me during these 300 days in Durham as an Erasmus student.

      1- Winter is coming
1.1- Double tights ftw
1.2- Scarves are never enough
1.3- Sleeping with socks

      2- Nights are cold
2.1- People go out without jacket because nights out start with pre-drinks at home
2.2- Girls manage to wear heels because their feet are frozen
2.3- Girls die from the cold on the streets in London on friday nights
2.4- To avoid spending too much in clubs you should be already drunk

      3- Alcohol is the answer to most problems
3.1- Alcohol is the cause of most problems!

      4- Dresses are very very short and no one seems to care. Deal with it.
4.1- Peplum dresses. peplum dresses everywhere!

4.2- Heels are highER
4.3- Cocktail dresses are a must

      5- If you can't fight humidity, backcomb your hair!
5.1- Don't underestimate the power of hats

      6- Everything you will eat is either one or a combination of
6.1- Chicken
6.2- Potatoes
6.3- Mayo (see 6.1)
6.4- Cream
6.5- Butter (see. 6.4)

      7- When you go to England remember you come from Europe

7.1- The reaction to "I'm from Italy" is always "woaaa Italy!"

      8- Discounts
8.1- Mix and match
8.2- 3 for 2
8.3- Buy 1 get 1 half price
8.4- Students' discount
8.5- Season sales
8.6- After 7pm discounts at the supermarket

8.7- Free boxes of fruit/veggies
8.8- Advantage cards

      9- Exams are only written
9.1- But you will have to do an oral presentation in front of your class
9.2- And write tons of essays/papers/dissertations

      10- The erasmus dysfunctional family!
10.1- The Frenchies are "posh" ;)
10.2- Spanish people speak spanish, no matter what
10.3- I was 'allowed' only 2 italian friends to avoid excessive italian speaking (and you 2 know who you are!)

10.4- Germans were the minority but we got the best 2! The others must have been still trying to occupy Poland
10.5- Erasmus grammar!

      11- The sky is not blue, it's greyish-white
11.1- If it's raining all day, the rain is not heavy enough to open an umbrella
11.2- If it's sunny it will probably rain for 15 minutes but the umbrella will break instantly in the wind
11.3- Bring an umbrella anyway
11.4- And sunglasses too

12- Greggs

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