Rainbow Tag

I decided to go for a blatant self-tag and do the Rainbow Tag. I know it was originally a beauty-related tag but you know how I roll. Also, excuse the mixed quality of the pictures, as you will notice throughout the post, they were not planned, and some heavy filtering was needed here and there.

Let's start with red: 
When I say England what comes to mind first? Tom Hiddleston! Telephone boots come second, so here they are. 

It turned out to be such a dainty colour, feathers and flowers ahead.

This is a very girly colour, apparently. Floaty dresses tried on just for fun, and make-up products to transition into spring!

I've seen too much yellow while studying. Yellow overdose. And no, not the chips! I'm talking about my sticky notes and highlighters.

Let's pretend to be healthy and nature oriented! 

I was not expecting to find something blue to take a picture of just by casually turning my head and looking into that small alley. But I'm glad I did. 

This colour was particularly hard to find, even though, judging by the items, it shouldn't have been!

Not only a great colour, but great fashion statement. Yes, I may be going through a phase. 

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