Italy: pastel colours

During these Easter holiday I went back to Italy and I planned a little trip to Bologna to see some friends. Had pizza, played Vampire the masquerade, had some port, and the next day I met my favourite lolitas who seem so nice and quiet when drinking tea *pinkie up!* But then we just got crazy over everything pastel the city had to offer.

First shop, we HAD to enter just by seeing this shelf from the street. Do i need to explain?? And the shop owner had the sweetest lil white dog ever. 

How could we just ignore the Maisons du Monde shop calling us from the main street? Impossiburu. It all started with a "these are so cute! pose next to them and act happily surprised!"

The sad moment when you realize deco busts are taller than you...

...But it's ok because we found pastel! 
Totally spontaneous pic.

Ma perché sprecare parole quando si è davanti allo specchio che taglia la figura a metà?!

Mirrors, such fascinating objects...

But back on track: cute things

"Hey look at these cute things!" *pointing with shoe*

This totally looks like MELTY CHOCOLATE !! But let's keep posing and hopefully the shop assistents will keep ignoring us.

 Haters gonna hate

L'angolo della bisca clandestina e l'inizio dell'infatuazione tra Manami e le valigie

Manami goes to Paris

Manami travels classic style

 Manami goes country

Manami goes to England

Welcome to my hooomeeeee !!

Mirrors AND cute things?! win-win situation!!

Let's play a game: FIND THE LOLI

Manami travels with Minnie

Awesome days spent with awesome people! 

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  1. LMAO
    che post meraviglioso!! XDD grazie!!
    Manami e le valigie, oddio muoio~ X°DD

    1. io mi batto il 5 da sola per aver twinnato col pavimento del Disney store XD

    2. E' vero, non me ne ero accorta! Non mi sarei aspettato così tanto stile dal pavimento del Disney Store!

      Comunque ho un'intera sezione dedicata a me, wow ^^

  2. ...belline ♥
    (oddio, Maison du monde ha aperto anche qui... è IL MALE! Comprerei tutto XD)