Issues that deserve some ranting

I have to admit, I love acting overly dramatic when something comes up. It doesn't even have to be upsetting or blatantly rant-worthy. I simply feel the need to be a drama queen every now and then. Who doesn't?! Plus, I am from Italy, and pretty much everything I say with any degree of participation sounds worked up and exaggerate. But trust me, unlike what the boyfriend says, I am perfectly calm. 

rant about society issues

The hair bun prophecy

There was a time when women looked flawless with hair curled in a bandana. They could have a family, work in a factory, and take care of their homes. They also had killer eyeliner, and perfect red lips, and they must have been witches for keeping all that up. I can barely do one of those things at a time. Needless to say I usually pick the bandana.

friday updo hairstyle

Adulting Myth Busters -Episode 6

There are certain things that can almost make you believe that you are an adult, or that you're adulting 'correctly'. One of these is to look the part, or to make people believe you know what you're doing, which is hard but not impossible. And then the miracle happens, and you actually do something that's proper adult without even realising it.

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Never take pop culture for granted

When you've been living abroad for a while you will realise that, at some point, your excitement for the new is taken over by routine and, most importantly, you don't have to impress new people anymore. This means that your true sense of humour will slowly shine through the language barrier. Or would it?

In front of a mirror no one is safe from self-criticism

Every time I pick up a magazine I feel mixed emotions about the kind of articles that get published. I am torn between laughing and wanting to burn the magazines that open with 'Be happy in your own body', and close with 'How to lose 3 kilos in a week'. Without forgetting a 'Triple chocolate cake recipe', and a plethora of size 0 models.

Because logic.

There is no filter for real excitement

I always wonder how life would be if I were daintier, nicer, more graceful. The kind of girl whose eyes sparkle, who cries pretty, and who looks pleasantly surprised when she inadvertently accesses the front camera. Wouldn't we all?! The bronzed body and beachy waves kind of girl. The #Iwokeuplikethis creature that, when happy, looks like she's hugged by angelical choirs.